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Unification of post/parcel keys
Proposal status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: SafetyIng
Applies to:
Definition: Unification of post/parcel keys
Draft started: 2023-10-23
Proposed on: 2023-10-23
RFC start: 2023-10-23


This proposal is to unify the tags for handling parcels and postal services:


In Germany, DHL Group (Deutsche Post AG) is expanding its service at the previous parcel lockers into so-called "postal stations". In addition to receiving and sending parcels, they will in future also offer the purchase of stamps and parcel stamps on site (incl. payment) but also a built-in mailbox. In the near future, more than 1,000 of these stations are to be set up throughout Germany alone.

German "Poststation", a combination of parcel locker, mailbox and stamp vending machine.

As this is primarily parcel locker, which is only being expanded, it makes sense to standardize the postal services in a namespace. This protects both contributors and data users from the confusion (e.g. "Why are there 2 different keys for the same activity").

The namespace is technically more powerful than many different single keys. They are grouped systematically. Here it would be historically post_office:*, which however with it in the future the abundance at postal services independently of a real "office" represents. Technically, parcel locker and the new post stations are also "post_offices", only without staff and in vending machine form.


In general, according to this systematic proposal, only the keys parcel_pickup=* are replaced by post_office:parcel_pickup=* and parcel_mail_in=* by post_office:parcel_from=*.

Previus Tagging New Tagging
amenity=parcel_locker = amenity=parcel_locker
brand=DHL Packstation = brand=DHL Packstation
brand:wikidata=Q1766703 = brand:wikidata=Q1766703
operator=DHL = operator=DHL
parcel_pickup=yes <> post_office:parcel_pickup=yes
parcel_mail_in=yes <> post_office:parcel_from=yes
ref=1234 = ref=1234

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