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Proposal status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: TheKeineAhnung
Tagging: biosafety_level=1,2,3,4
Applies to: node area
Definition: Defines the biosafety level of a laboratory

Draft started: 2024-03-28
RFC start: 2024-03-28


This tag should map the biosafety level of laboratories. It's indicated by numbers between one and four. The biosafety level i a indicator for the safety measures that a laboratory has taken based on the risk groups for biological agents. The biological agents are categorized by laws of the different countries. The determination is based on the laws and decrees in the country of the laboratory. Local authorities control the compliance with the measures.

It should be used on nodes and ways with the tag healthcare=laboratory.


The data can be interesting for the fire department and the emergency service. Also it is useful for public education.


Depending on the level there are multiple or only a few or none laboratories in a country which can get a specific value.

Applies to

This tag applies to nodes and ways.


The tag should not be rendered on the map.

Features/Pages affected

Creating Key:laboratory:biosafety level page, edit the Tag:healthcare=laboratory page and add the tag to the useful combination section.


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