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city parking zone as parking:condition value
Proposal status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: Mateusz Konieczny
Draft started: 2022-01-13
RFC start: 2022-04-01


Make possible to provide approximate info about availability of parking, without forcing to provide info in extreme detail.

In many places there are complex rules about when parking lanes require payment - for example "parking is paid, but parking is free on Sundays and during night (from 20.00 to 10.00 next day)".

In such cases it would be useful to provide ability to tag "parking is generally available, but paid or with some other restrictions" without providing full details.


This idea relies on following assumptions

  • it is useful to gather/tag info "this is a city parking zone" even if further info is not tagged immediately
  • this limited info is already useful for some purposes
  • and/or extra info can be added without on site survey (because it is often the same for entire city or the same in entire districts)
  • tagging full info is often obnoxious and hard to maintain, while gathering it with one value would allow coordinated updates across city

Example from Kraków, Poland.

Area and subareas are well defined, but this rules apply only on public roads. See for an official map. is in A1 subarea but city parking rules do not apply there as it is internal road of Jagiellonian University from legal viewpoint.

For this parking rules apply.

This info is not obvious and requires survey with a visit to a specific street. But once "this parking lane exists and is covered by city parking zone" is established then one may tag details remotely.

Tagging full rules would require noting that

  • parking is paid
  • parking is free on Sundays and during night (from 20.00 to 10.00)

The first two rules are

tagging this requires checking syntax on wiki (or dedicated editor), and checking exact parking rules on and inputting all of that for every single road segment with parkings.

Even with nice interface (I am working on one exactly right now for StreetComplete) collecting this info would be really obnoxious and time-consuming.

It seems to me that collecting just parking:condition:*=city_parking_zone during survey and later armchair adding parking:condition:*:conditional=ticket; free @ (Su, Mo-Fr 20:00-10:00) to all parking:condition:*=city_parking_zone in a city would be better workflow.

There are also some minor benefits:

  • And also makes easier to handle changes in rules (Saturdays used to be also free).
  • And allows distinguishing between city-operated parking and privately operated (residents may have paid parking only for the first one).

And negatives: One more extra rule to support and understand.



Valid tagging before

Additional valid tagging with this proposal

Additional valid tagging with this proposal

Features/Pages affected


  • require tagging full detail or nothing
  • use limited to express that parking is possible but limited in some way
  • I also thought about municipal_parking_zone as a value, may be better for towns where "city" in tag may be pointlessly confusing.
  • consider acceptable, welcome and fine to use just parking:condition:both=ticket also when this apply only on weekdays (rejected by community according to my research)

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