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Proposal status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: aharvey
Tagging: cycleway:doorzone=*

Draft started: 2020-05-03
RFC start: 2021-02-13


We need a universal and accepted way to specify when a way used by cyclists (cycleway=lane, cycleway=shared_lane or other way with bicycle=yes or bicycle=designated) is within a "doorzone" and hence cyclists are at risk of being "doored".

If there is parallel parking directly next to a bicycle lane or bicycle path and if a parked car opening a door would intersect with the marked bicycle lane or path, then the bicycle lane or path is within a door zone and the way segment should be tagged with cycleway:doorzone=yes.

If there is no risk of dooring, like if there is no parallel parking then the way may be marked as cycleway:doorzone=no to be explicit, although this would usually be assumed as the default.

If there is parallel parking but there exists enough buffer between the parking and the marked bicycle lane or path such than an open door wouldn't intersect with the bicyle lane or path then you should tag this way segment as cycleway:doorzone=buffer to indicate that the bicycle lane or path is not directly in the path of car doors but caution may still want to be taken for cars pulling out (in cases where the bicycle lane is sandwiched between the parking and traffic lanes) or passengers jumping out of parked cars.

The default tagging here assumes the same situation on both sides of the road, if it differs you can use cycleway:left:doorzone=yes and cycleway:right:doorzone=yes.

This would deprecate the existing cycleway:lane=doorzone.


The tag cycleway:lane=doorzone is currently in use, however this conflicts with the also in use tags cycleway:lane=advisory and cycleway:lane=exclusive. This is a problem because they are orthogonal concepts and both may apply.

Secondary to this is some mappers are choosing to incorrectly remove the cycleway=lane tag from bicycle lanes which are within the door zone because they don't feel they are good infrastructure and don't want people to be misled down these roads. We need to provide a way to mark door zones so data consumers can decide on how they are portrayed in maps and routers.


Herbert Street bicycle lane outside the former Tesla dealership.jpg


Applies to

  • cycleway=lane
  • cycleway=shared_lane
  • highway=cycleway (where there the cycle path is separate from the road, but still may be within reach of parked cars doors), also highway=path and highway=footway where bicycle=yes/designated and a doorzone hazard still exists.

See also

Parallel street parking. If the cycleway is in a doorzone this kind of implies there should be some kind of parallel parking, but this should always be additionally tagged using the street parking schema.


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