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Communications Transponder
Proposal status: Inactive (inactive)
Proposed by: mungewell
Tagging: man_made=communications_transponder

RFC start: 2009-07-13

There may be one or more transponders on a communications tower. Single transponders may be represented by adding the Communication_Transponder tags directly the tower's node.

For multiple transponders, each transponder should be added to a group relation. The 'communication_tower_group' relation shall contain the nodes representing the communication_tower and any/all communication_transponders.

Note: This will have the side effect of placing multiple nodes at the same position.

General Tags

Some general tags which are used across many other types of object are used to tag communication_transponder:

Key Value Element Comment Example Icon
name * node Name of the transponder Nose Hill Park
ref * node Callsign of the transponder VE6RYC
operator * node Maintainer/Operator of the transponder Calgary Amateur Radio Association
height * node Height of the transponder's antenna from ground in meters, at the tower location  
ele * node Elevation of transponder's antenna above sea-level in meters  
source * node Where did the data come from?
url * node Website with information about this transponder.

BTS (GSM\CDMA tower) Tags

Tags which aren't shared with other OSM features are prefixed with the "communications_transponder:" namespace.

Key Value Element Comment Example Icon
ref:mcc * node Mobile Country Code 247
ref:mnc * node Mobile Network Code 02
ref:lac * node Location Area Code 115
ref:cid * node Cell ID 10007
ref:act * node Network access type (2G=GSM; 2G+=EDGE; 3G=UMTS \ CDMA; 3G+=HSDPA, HSPA, HSUPA \ EDV0_0, EDV0_A; 4G=LTE) HSPA

Specific Tags

Tags which aren't shared with other OSM features are prefixed with the "communications_transponder:" namespace.

Key Value Element Comment Example Icon
communications_transponder:frequency * node The frequency of operations for the transponder, in MHz. May denote a frequency range with '..'. May include offset indication for duplex communications. 146.8500-0.6
communications_transponder:polarisation * node The polarisation of operations for the transponder. vertical, horizontal or circular
communications_transponder:power * node The output power for the transponder, in W. 150
communications_transponder:access * node Whether the use of this transponder is public, private, etc Public
communications_transponder:service * node Generalisation of the 'service' provided by this transponder (TV, RADIO, GSM800, GSM1800, UMTS, C2000, Amateur) Amateur

Technical Tags

These are included to suggest a scheme, but not recommended for placing into the main OSM database.

Key Value Element Comment Example Icon
communications_transponder:modulation * node The modulation scheme for the transmission, (AM, FM, PAL, NTSC, COFDM, NFM, SSB, etc) NFM
communications_transponder:bearing * node For a direction antenna the bearing on which it is pointed. (degrees from north) 65
communications_transponder:tone * node Whether a CTCSS (or the like) tone is required access/enable transponder 110.9
communications_transponder:antenna_type * node Description of antenna element Dipole

Possible Sources of Geodata