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Destination Traffic Clarification and Refinement
Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: fkv
Tagging: access=*
Applies to: node way area
Definition: tags for no thru traffic, residents only, etc.
Rendered as: renderer dependent
Drafted on: 2015-11-20


Current tag definitions (particularly of the "destination" value) are ambiguous and do not cover frequent use cases. This led to mistranslations and edit wars in the wiki, and also to inconsistent tagging. Current definitions and data do not enable proper routing. This proposal intends to clarify tag definitions, make them more comprehensible, and add missing values to fill the most obvious gaps.

Access Tags

Template:Key:access covers a variety of keys and values. The keys have been arranged in a comprehensive tree structure, while the values are just listed one after the other. This proposal puts them into a hierarchy as well.

Road Networks

For all kinds of destination Traffic (i.e. the destination, local_traffic, residents, visitors, customers, agricultural and forestry values, no matter whether explicitly set or implied by another tag, e.g. via OSM tags for routing/Access-Restrictions), all connected roads and road sections with the same restriction behave as one network. Example: If there's a "no through traffic" sign and the road is therefore tagged vehicle=destination, you are allowed to drive through to any connected road which is also tagged vehicle=destination, and so on (recursively), as long as you have a start or stop anywhere in that road network. You don't need to stop in every single road section.

Dest network.gif


Proposal Variant A

Proposal Variant B


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