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Status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: thod
Tagging: leisure=disc_golf_course
Applies to: node area
Definition: An area used for playing disc golf
Rendered as: *
Drafted on: 2011-10-23
RFC start: 2011-10-23
Vote start: *
Vote end: *
Disc golfer and basket.jpg


To mark the area used to play disc golf. An area in which you will find several so called "holes" with targets.


Disc golf course in Slottskogen, Göteborg. There are over a hundred disc golf courses in Sweden. It is fairly spread over the western world, there's a total of over 5500 disc golf courses in the world according to the "PDGA Disc Golf Course Directory Map". Another example in Göteborg is the course in Skatås, pictured on Disc_golf.


leisure=disc_golf_course on an area or a node in the centre of a disc golf course.

Additional Attributes

Tag Description
name=* The name of the disc golf course.
sport=* disc_golf




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