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Disused road
Status: Obsoleted (inactive)
Proposed by: Karouf
Tagging: highway=disused
Applies to: way
Definition: to provide a way of tagging discused roads (not available at time of proposal)
Drafted on: 2007-04-11


I made this proposal because I just ran across one of those disused roads recently and found out that I had no way to tag it properly.

By disused, I mean a road that is barely used anymore, that used to lead somewhere or has been replaced by a larger, newer road. The surface is not maintained anymore, usually made of old tarmac with weeds growing through it, holes in it, etc.

See also the disused proposed tag, which could be used with highway=unclassifed.


Could be shown as an unclassified road but with a dashed casing. Maybe even not black casing but mid grey or something, not to catch to much focus.


I don't think this is a useful tag. It's hard to distinguish a road that isn't at all maintained from one that has not been maintained in a long time. I've seen major highways (US) which have weeds growing in the concrete and deep ruts in the asphalt, but they're clearly not disused judging by the amount of traffic --Hawke 18:12, 11 June 2007 (BST)

  • I agree. Also if its still part of the highway then it would still be able to be used. The inportant information is that its low quality and therefore maybe adviced not to use it. If it really is a bit of tarmack thats been closed of then its not really a highway, but ratehr just an area of tarmack. So status is irrelevent. Ben 23:24, 12 June 2007 (BST)

This proposal seems to be obsolete as we now have the more general disused=yes. --Tordanik 11:04, 17 June 2008 (UTC)