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Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: BerndR
Tagging: divider=physical:legal:barrier:grass:line:...
Applies to: linear
Definition: a physical (crossable or non crossable) or legal divider between the lanes of a single carriageway; left (right) turns and u-turns are not possible resp. are not allowed

Draft started:
Proposed on: 2007-12-07

Proposed new tag: divider=physical|legal


Divider - a divider on a single carriageway is a description of a way which has a physical or legal divider that divides opposing direction lanes and prevents crossing the way in a particular direction. In right side driving countries left turns and u-turns are not allowed, in left side driving countries right turns and u-turns are not allowed.

There are various physical divider types, either crossable or non crossable: concrete barriers or wall (e.g., Jersey Barrier (Wikipedia)), grass strips, tram tracks

There are several legal divider types: double or single solid lines (no legal crossing), solid lines+stripes (no legal crossing in one direction), painted areas.

A divider also describes prohibited turn restrictions.

There exists a similar GDF composite attribute "Divider", consisting of the sub-attributes "Divided Road Element" (boolean), "Divider Type" (with values: physical+not crossable, physical+crossable, legal=not physical), and "Divider Width" (width in metres). This proposal merges the first two attributes into one tag.

Applies to

  • Ways, restricted to single carriageways with opposing direction lanes


<tag k="highway" v="..."/>
<tag k="divider" v="solid_line"/>

Tag Values

  • No divider:
    • none (can be used to explicitly mark the absence of a divider)
  • Physical, not crossable:
    • concrete_barrier
    • guard_rail
    • grass_strip (this divides indicates a dual carriageway, i.e., two parallel ways for the opposing driving directions)
  • Physical, crossable:
    • dots (subsumes all raised pavement markers)
    • tram_tracks (with no kerbs)
  • Not physical, legal:
    • solid_line (either double or single solid line depending on the country)
    • solid_area (like solid_line; painted area)
    • solid_line+stripes, stripes+solid_line (a solid_line which is legally crossable from one side; this makes "divider" dependent on the direction of the way)

With the exception of "none", "solid_line+stripes", and "stripes+solid_line", all divider values describes that it is not allowed (or not possible) crossing the way.


The way according to the highway tag with a thin solid line in an appropriate color in the middle of the way.


If a way is only partially divided, the divider and the divided section has to be specified using a relationship. This relationship consists of the members way, start node, and end node of the divided section, and the tag "type=divider" and "divider=...".


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