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Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: seawolff
Tagging: man_made=dolphin
Applies to: node
Definition: A dolphin is a marine structure for berthing and mooring of vessels
Rendered as: dark grey dot
Drafted on: 2011-06-23
RFC start: 2011-07-16


Dolphin steel.jpg
Dolphin wood.jpg

This is a proposal for tagging dolphin for berthing and mooring of vessels [Wikipedia].

It should not be used for tagging of poles (< 0.5m diameter) in marinas.


Dolphins are barriers and landmarks for all kind of boats. As single structures they are well visible.

It belongs to the same key like man_made=pier, man_made=breakwater

Current use

man_made=dolphin is already used 829 times on nodes [Taginfo].

Proposed Tagging

Applies to nodes.

Required tagging

  • man_made=dolphin

Secondary tagging

  • ref = <reference_id>
  • lit = yes|no(default)
  • height = <meters above mean water level>
  • material = wood|steel|...

Suggested Rendering

Rendering of a node in dark grey in zoom 16 and above, on sea maps as smaller dot in zoom 14 and 15.


use Talk:Proposed_features/dolphin