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Public-images-osm logo.svg man_made = breakwater
Môle équinoxe printemps 2008.JPG
A man-made structure designed to protect a shore or harbour from the sea and waves.
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Use man_made=breakwater to identify breakwaters - man-made structures designed to protect a harbour or section of shore from the sea and waves, often to protect boats in a harbour from the effects of high waves. These may be built using loose large natural boulders, concrete tetrapods, demolition debris or as a solid concrete structure or solid stone structure. They are commonly large enough to have a flat top and may carry a publicly accessible highway=footway or track.

Take care not to confuse these with with man_made=groyne, which are commonly thin structures that are meant to stop loose materials (eg sand) being washed away or moved along the shore or man_made=piers, which are commonly platforms that extend out over water by use of pillars, or by floating primarily used for people to access boats or similar.

How to map

For narrow breakwaters use a linear way with man_made=breakwater. For wider breakwaters create a closed area tagged similarly. Breakwaters may also carry man_made=lighthouses or navigation lights. If there is a path along it use highway=footway or similar. If there is a wall along one side of a wider breakwater tag it with barrier=wall. Use mooring=* if boats can tie up alongside and highway=steps for steps leading down to the water.

If the breakwater is mapped as a closed way, and is a solid structure, should also be be tagged with area=yes.


Approved proposal: Proposed features/Breakwater

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