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A rigid structure built from a shoreline or riverbank that interrupts water flow and limits the movement of sediment Edit or translate this description.
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Group: Man made
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Status: de facto

Use the man_made=groyne tag to mark a groyne (spelled groin in American English), which is a rigid structure stretching out a short distance from the shoreline or riverbank for the purpose of reducing the movement of sediment (eg sand and gravel) or sometimes to reduce ice-jamming.

Not to be confused with man_made=breakwater, which is used for structures designed primarily to create an area of calm water for mooring boats, or with man_made=pier, which is used for structures on which people walk over water to access boats or similar.

Another name for this structure is wing dam.

How to map

Create a linear way way along the length of the groyne. Tag with man_made=groyne.

Alternatively, create a sequence of linked ways with one or more additional tags on each section. For example:

  • submerged=yes - for the parts always submerged.
  • tidal=yes - for the parts submerged on high tide and above water on low tide.
  • height=* - height over seabed.

Very wide groynes (such as way 373881874) can be mapped as areas area.




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