Proposal:Former riverbed

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Former riverbed
Proposal status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: Lzhl
Tagging: waterway=former_riverbed
Applies to: way, area
Definition: For old riverbed without flow

Rendered as: For area as lake, for way as river
Draft started: 2009-11-12
RFC start: 2009-11-16


At present users draw former riverbed as area tagged with natural=water when riverbed with flow (not wide river) draw as way tagged with waterway=river. But in fact these objects (former riverbed and riverbed with flow of not wide river) have exactly the same forms and characteristics exept flow. I think that drawing these objects with one primitives will be more correctly.

For example river Vetluga which have a lot of long and not wide former riverbeds.

Sea also article Oxbow lake in Wikipedia.


Rendering these objects same lakes (area) and rivers (way).

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