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Group Relation
Proposal status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: dieterdreist
Tagging: type=group
Applies to: relation
Definition: a named group of similar things

Draft started: 2018-10-16


The group relation is used for groups of (same kind of) things that share a common name or other property as a group.

It is not for grouping things with the same attributes but for defining a group object where this group has specific properties on its own (as a group).

You do not have to add tags to the relation to describe the object that it represents, because it will be a group of those things that the members represent.

An application for the group relation is to represent a common name for a group of features like mountain peaks, trees, lakes, caves, rocks, but also cultural features like museums, sculptures, columns, buildings, tombs, etc.


There are 77 uses of type=group as of 2018-10-16, but no definition in the wiki so far. The name group suggests this is intended for the same purpose as the documented type=cluster. If you do not agree, please leave a note on the discussion page. Relations/Proposed/Cluster


A group of trees with a proper name for the group, a group of lakes, a group of peaks, a group of caves.


Tags for the group go on the group relation, but no tags are mandatory (at least one additional tag is required, this is usually name or ref). Do not repeat the tags from the members, the group is automatically defined through the tags of its members.

Applies to

You can use any members (nodes, ways, relations, also mixed), no roles are required. Minimum members: 2.


Probably useful to show labels for certain groups and zoomlevels.


Please comment on the discussion page.

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