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Homeless Shelter
Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: SeanHorgan
Tagging: social_facility=shelter
Applies to: node/area
Definition: Organizations that provide shelter and related services to people in need

Rendered as: picture
Drafted on:
Proposed on: 2010-08-11
RFC start: 2010-09-03


The homeless_shelter feature would be a specific type of social facility, as defined in the Proposed_features/social_facility proposal. It would require two tags:

social_facility = shelter
social_facility:for = homeless


The primary goal is to allow homeless people or their advocates to efficiently locate outreach services in their community. With site-specific service tagging, someone would be able to quickly find a meal or overnight shelter or emergency medical services. These tags could be used by those in need or their advocates. Some communities are designating land specifically for the homeless that can be used to set up a tent.

Elements Applied to

A node would be used for small shelters while an area element would be used for large multi-structure shelters or dedicated lands.

The feature would apply to permanent and temporary facilities, as well as fixed structures like buildings, mobile structures like trailers (e.g. FEMA trailers for Hurricane Katrina), or camp sites.


A node/area could be tagged as an amenity or landuse.




A homeless shelter feature could have the follow attributes

+ homeless_shelter:name=* 
+ homeless_shelter:meals=breakfast/lunch/dinner/none
+ homeless_shelter:lodging=yes/no
+ homeless_shelter:veterans_services=yes/no
+ homeless_shelter:job_training=yes/no
+ emergency
+ Operator
+ wheelchair
+ opening hours
+ Addr

Tags with a finite and small (<= 10) set of values should use a multivalued string, delimited with a semicolon. For example: meals {yes;no;breakfast;lunch;dinner;takeout}. For tags with a potential infinite number of values, a "yes/no" model similar to Tag:amenity=recycling should be followed.


Would follow the rendering in Proposed_features/social_facility


Homeless shelter node in Galveston TX:

  "name"="Baptist Ministers Association Homeless Shelter"
  "addr:street"="Market Street"

Homeless shelter node in Boston MA:

  "name"="Pine Street Inn"
  "meals"="breakfast"="lunch" v="dinner"
  "addr:street"="Harrison Avenue"

Tent city in Sacramento: (Still working on this)

  "name"="City of Sacramento Tent City"


Discussion will take place on the talk page: Talk:Proposed features/Homeless Shelter