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Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: Driver2
Tagging: addr:*=*
Applies to: node
Definition: Addresses

Rendered as: number
Draft started: 2009-12-04
RFC start: *
Vote start: *
Vote end: *


In Germany (maybe in other countries too?) many cities are divided into several parts ("Stadtteile" or "Ortsteile"), which often consist of fomerly indepedent cities or villages. Some of these parts may have the same streetnames, making the name of this part of the city an integral part of the address. These names are also usually used for this part of the city without mentioning the name of the city. There should be a way to add the name of such a part of the city to the Karlsruhe Schema to make it available in search and such.

Possible Tags

Finding a fitting name seems pretty difficult.

  • addr:district=* means "Ortsteil", "Stadtteil", "Gebiet", "Bereich" (which would be fitting), but also refers to greater administrative areas "Regierungsbezirk", "Kreis"
    • addr:urban_district=* means "Ortsteil", "Stadtbezirk", "Stadtkreis", "Stadtteil", "Stadtviertel"
  • addr:quarter=* means "Stadtteil", "Stadtviertel" which would be more or less fitting
  • addr:ward=* means "Stadtteil", "Stadtbezirk", "Stadtviertel" and also "Krankenstation", "Station"
  • addr:borough=* means "Bezirk", "Gemeinde", "Stadtbezirk"
  • addr:suburb=* means "Vorort", "Vorstadt", "Außenbezirk"
  • addr:neighbourhood=* means "Nachbarschaft", "Viertel"

To make it applicable worldwide, there will probably have to be compromises (the meaning might not fit exactly).

The following has been mentioned by Yuri Nazarov in a request to unify address schemes worldwide (Karlsruhe Schema Talk):

  • RFC 4119 defines elements a1 (state/region/province/prefecture), a2 (county/parish/gun/district), a3 (city/township/shi), a4 (city division/borough/city district/ward/chou), a5 (neighborhood/block), a6 (street); RFC 5139 extends RFC 4119 scheme by adding new thoroughfare elements
  • OASIS xAL (Extensible Address Language) uses these: Country, AdministrativeArea, SubAdministrativeArea, Locality, DependentLocality, Thoroughfare, DependentThoroughfare
  • UPU (Universal Postal Union) standard S42 (developed together with CEN) uses these: country, region, proximate town, town, district, thoroughfare, secondary thoroughfare.

It might not fit into OSM to use non-speaking tags like a1, a2, a3, … even though it would probably solve some problems. But there should at least be tags available that cover these categories. The following tags are currently used:

a1 a2 a3 a4 a5 a6



addr:region=* ?

addr:city=* addr:town=* addr:suburb=* addr:village=* addr:neighbourhood=* addr:street=*