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specification that is used to distinguish the street with the same names within the settlement Edit or translate this description.
Group: Addresses
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In some cases within the same settlement may be located streets with the same name. Typically, in mentioning addresses are made additions to the street names to specify the suburb.

Sometimes one of the streets may be cited without specification, and all others with the specification. Sometimes all streets are named with the specification. This tag is used to add suburb specification to addresses.


As usual when setting an address there should be an addr:street=* matching the name=* of the respective street. Then addr:suburb=* with the same value must be added on both the address to set up and the street.

Note that it's uncommon to use addr=* tag on streets and the same tag in the addresses with the purpose to create a match. If setting the suburb name is not necessary for solving disambiguation use other tags like addr:hamlet=*, addr:district=*, addr:subdistrict=*.


There are two addresses

"Russia, Saint Petersburg, Sophiyskaya Street, house 3"

"Russia, Saint Petersburg, Sophiyskaya Street (Shuvalovo), house 3"

The way of the first address is name=Sophiyskaya Street with the house with addr:housenumber=3 + addr:street=Sophiyskaya Street

The way of the second street in Shuvalovo is name=Sophiyskaya Street + addr:suburb=Shuvalovo with the house with addr:housenumber=3 + addr:street=Sophiyskaya Street + addr:suburb=Shuvalovo.


See also

  • place=suburb - A part of a town or city with a well-known name and often a distinct identity