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Incline railway
Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: Hawke
Tagging: railway=incline
RFC start: 2008-3-25


Provide a general way to tag an incline railway, as well as a way to indicate which type of drive system is used on any railway.


railway=incline may be used for any rail system which is not connected to the main rail network and is known to be some sort of incline railway drive, but for which the drive method is unknown

railway:traction=* may be used to indicate the drive system of the railway, if it requires a specialized track system.



the implicit default value, indicating that the drive system is unknown.
A cable-driven railway. (e.g. the San Francisco cable car system)
A Funicular railway. These are driven by a single cable connected to two cars, each acting as a counterweight for the other. There is a specialized, split section of track in the middle of the length of the line where the cars can pass each other.
A rack-and-pinion driven railway (also known as a Cog railway)


Render railway=incline. It could be rendered just like the other railway values.

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