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A property indicating whatever railway has toothed rack rail that allows operation of trains on very steep gradients. Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
Group: Properties
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The key rack=* is used in combination with railway=* to denote a cog railway, rack-and-pinion railway or rack railway.

This type of railway has a toothed rack rail, usually between the running rails. The trains are fitted with one or more cog wheels or pinions that mesh with this rack rail. This allows the trains to operate on very steep gradients (see Wikipedia for more details). These are common in alpine regions of european countries, including Austria and Switzerland.


rack=yes denotes rack of unknown type. Otherwise, the keys value denotes the specific type. Well known types are

  • riggenbach
  • strub
  • abt
  • locher

rack=no indicates lack of rack and should be used only where rack may be expected, adding it to normal railways is useless