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Indoor objects are for now impossible to get drawn inside's View tab (but not Edit tab) because of a maximum zoom-level. This features-set is put here for the future time when has some updated setting allowing for more zoom. For most objects, the required type is "all", simply because for some geopositionning algorithms, we are asked to provide any object that has nodes in it.

Name Tagging Used on Definition Rendered as Status Draft start RFC start Vote start Vote end
level level = integer all A building's or area's storey/level number. This is a key-value copy-paste of standardised "level" tag. a disc with a number inside, with +/- arrows surrounding on left & right. Draft 2009-11-29 * * *
classroom indoor = classroom all A classroom room A,B letters on whiteboard w/ people's necks in front Draft 2009-11-29 * * *
hall indoor = hall all A hall person standing before a big wall which has some perspective Draft 2009-11-29 * * *
corridor indoor = corridor all Corridor(s) like in houses one person seen from top in a tube with bidirectional arrow before person inside and in the tube's axis Draft 2009-11-29 * * *
toilets indoor = toilets all A toilet room/area side view of man sitting on toilet facing right side of picture and woman doing symetrically the same. Image is surrounded with a thin black square. Draft 2009-11-29 * * *
door indoor = door all A room's door=an opened door seen from top(like an open electronic switch symbol) * Draft 2009-11-29 * * *