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Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: Stemby
Tagging: stop=yes;both;-1

Rendered as: tbd
Drafted on: 2008-11-13

This is a proposal to replace the other solution with relations. Vote or polling not yet started.


The stop sign is placed on the last node of the way.
The stop sign is placed on both the first and the last node of the way; only for double direction ways.
The stop sign is placed on the first node of the way (if a way is oneway=yes, please use stop=yes instead).
(a listing of cardinal directions separated by semicolons)
When a node is tagged with stop=N, the road which is north of the node has a stop sign. If stop=E, to the east; if stop=W, to the west; if stop=S, to the south; if stop=NE, to the northeast, etc. If stop=E;W then both roads to the east and west. If necessary to distinguish between roads which approach at a sharp angle, go on to the sixteen point directions: ENE is East of North East.

Usage - general notes

A highway=* tag is necessary for any of the stop values.

Tagging scheme


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