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This proposal has been obsoleted by Lanes.
Lanes as Relations
Proposal status: Obsoleted (inactive)
Proposed by: Tordanik
Tagging: type=lane
Applies to: relation
Definition: turn lanes, cycle lanes and sidewalks in a highway

Rendered as: lane separators and textures in 2D and 3D renderings, lane assistants for navigation, ...
Draft started: 2011-10-09

Despite years of discussion, there is no convincing standard for mapping lanes in OSM. It is time to change this.

Mapping a lane

Each lane is mapped as a relation relation with type=lane. This relation contains one or more highway ways as members, not unlike the established route relation. The only required attribute is lane=* for the type of the lane.

type lane required
lane vehicle / bus / psv / hgv / bicycle / sidewalk required type of the lane
highway way (one or more) required Sequence of highway sections where this lane starts, continues, and ends.

Additional lane attributes

With the basics above you can only indicate that a lane exists. To provide more information about the lane, add additional tags.

lane:turnleft yes optional this is a lane for turning left. Can be combined with lane:through.
lane:turnright yes optional this is a lane for turning right. Can be combined with lane:through.
lane:through yes optional this is a through lane. Can be combined with lane:turnleft or lane:turnright.
lane:merge yes optional this is a lane for merging.
lane:direction forward / backward optional direction of traffic on the lane. Implicitly defined for lanes on oneway roads.
width / surface / ... optional many existing tags can be used for lanes as well

Lane ordering

In many cases, lane arrangement is obvious and does not need to be explicitly specified. For non-standard road layouts, you can add the following members to a lane relation:

left_neighbour yes optional Any lane that is to the left of this lane relative to way direction. Usually, but not necessarily, the immediate neighbour.
right_neighbour yes optional Any lane that is to the right of this lane relative to way direction. Usually, but not necessarily, the immediate neighbour.

The advantage of this approach is that it avoids absolute lane numbers ("third lane"). So if one lane starts or ends, you do not need to interrupt the other lanes.

Higher levels of detail / Future extensions

Some mappers like to map certain types of lanes as separate ways (see discussions related to footway=sidewalk). Others map the areas covered by the lanes. These ideas can be seamlessly integrated with this proposal: Add ways or areas as members to the lane relation, with the roles "way" and "area", respectively. Doing so solves the open question how these lanes-as-a-way are associated with the road they belong to, while allowing those data users who are not interested in this level of detail to safely ignore them.

Generally, being able to add arbitrary attributes and members to each lane makes extensions painless.

Comparison with other proposals

Unlike other suggestions which often focus on a small set of use cases and are hard to extend, this this proposal is designed for flexibility and allows for mapping with different levels of detail.

Compared with the Turn Lanes proposal in particular, Lanes as Relations ...

  • supports attributes for lanes (e.g. widths and surfaces)
  • can distinguish whether a lane is interrupted at a junction node (a new relation starts) or continues uninterrupted (way before and after junction are members of the lane relation)
  • lets you add ways and/or areas for lanes
  • can be extended to support separators between lines in a straightforward manner


This proposal is only a draft, but feedback is already welcome.


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Not yet started.