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Proposal status: Obsoleted (inactive)
Proposed by:
Tagging: emergency=marine_rescue
Applies to: nodearea
Definition: Bases of Coast Guard & Emergency Marine Rescue groups

Rendered as: Hatched pink & Black SOS on pink background
Draft started: 2020-12-05
RFC start: 2020-12-06

Consider use emergency=water_rescue instead.


Updating details to reflect what has been discussed on the & pages

Deprecate the two existing tags emergency=coast_guard & amenity=coast_guard, & replace them with new tags as shown under the Military bases proposal landuse=military + military=base + military_service=coast_guard for "armed" military / para-military forces; and emergency=marine_rescue for unarmed, strictly Marine Rescue units.

Please also see the current Rescue Station proposal for further details of emergency=marine_rescue

The following tagging is to be deprecated:

The following tagging is added:

  • military_service=coast_guard is introduced under the landuse=military + military=base tagging scheme for armed units, intended for protection of a country's coastal waters.
  • emergency=marine_rescue is introduced for Marine Rescue units, dedicated to the rescue of vessels &/or sailors at sea.

NB New tagging for Coast Guard will be affected by the other ongoing proposal Proposed_features/Military_bases, Please see that proposal for further details


Currently, military forces intended for the protection of a country's coastal waters, & also groups dedicated solely to the rescue of vessels &/or sailors at sea, are both tagged as either emergency=coast_guard & also amenity=coast_guard (& frequently both), with no way of differentiating between them, as to which role they are intended for.

In itself, Coast Guard is an awkward tag to use, & has the potential to cause a lot of confusion, because it has very different meanings in different countries, ranging from an armed military force (that also has a rescue function), to a strictly volunteer Marine Rescue unit, with no official powers of any sort.

Tagging Guidelines

The combination of the military=base + military_service=coast_guard tags is intended to tag the base areas or buildings of the armed military / para-military forces intended for protection of a country's coastal waters against either enemy military forces, or such civil threats as smugglers, terrorists etc, & which usually also has a marine rescue function. eg United States Coast Guard, Australian Border Force (& others). It is not a requirement that patrol vessels be actually armed to come under this classification. If members of the crew carry sidearms, that is sufficient.

The emergency=marine_rescue tag is intended to tag the base areas or buildings of groups, sometimes Government operated, but also frequently volunteer only, dedicated to the rescue of vessels / sailors in distress, usually in Open or Coastal waters, but also possibly in inland waters. They may also be involved in rescue operations on coastal cliffs, mud flats etc. eg British RNLI, USCG Auxilliary, Australian Volunteer Coast Guard, Volunteer Marine Rescue (& others).


Japan Coast Guard vessel Yashima (PLH 22).jpg
(landuse=military + military=base +military_service=coast_guard)

RNLI Boat E-09 (14146438314).jpg

Applies to

node area

Suggested Rendering

  • landuse=military + military=base + military_service=coast_guard - The area of the Base would render as the standard hatched, pink military landuse area
  • emergency=marine_rescue could render with the same pink colour as currently used for Police & Fire Stations, together with an "SOS" icon.

Features/Pages affected

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To be deprecated


Create these pages
Proposed deprecated tags
emergency=coast_guard amenity=coast_guard
Proposed new tags
military_service=coast_guard emergency=marine_rescue

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Voting temporarily postponed pending outcome of military=base proposal. Sorry for any confusion! --Fizzie41 (talk) 04:58, 20 December 2020 (UTC)