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Military area
Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: Gilles_tagada
Tagging: boundary=military
Applies to: way,area
Definition: Boundary of areas used by military

Drafted on:
Proposed on: 12-Oct-2009
RFC start: 13-Oct-2009
Vote start: *
Vote end: *


Used to mark the external limit of the military area, including forests, beaches... Consecuently, can be used with "military=*", "landuse=*", "natural=*", "amenity=*"... (not limitating list).

When a military base is composed of different areas (a forest, a training ground and a building for example), the tag "boundary=military" is only put to the external limits (generally fences), not between the "military" forest and the training ground.

The tag is used to mark the limit of the area which is military owned. Access is forbiden for the public. You usually find fences or walls, but on larger area, only signs are visible.

Example photo

Militaire.jpg Sign marking french military areas.


For a lot of land types inside a military base (forest, lakes, rivers...), it's impossible to use 2 tags : "landuse=military" and "landuse=forest" (for example). Military bases can also include sport facilities, parking lots, schools...

Possible icons

The same as "boundary=national_park", but in red. Appears on zoom 7 and above. If a "name=*" is set, appears for zoom 8 and above.

Further Discussion

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