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More to be Mapped
Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: *
Tagging: todo=continue/ name/ pronunciation/ accuracy
Rendered as: A symbol

I hope this can be more of a discussion than a proposal, as I'm sure people must all have their own ways of how they do this. Basically when looking at a OSM map of an incomplete area it is impossible to tell if a feature ends, or if it's just not been mapped yet.

Currently there are a few obvious ways which all have their disadvantages: This example is of a crossroads where the roads continue off being on the image.

Example of methods.PNG

1) Visually drawing an arrow out of segments at the end of the way. The disadvantage being that people may get confused as segments are not meant to be used this way.
2) Tagging the end node as incomplete. The disadvantage here is that until this is rendered you have to search or manually check nodes to see what has still to be done.
3) Tagging the way as incomplete. The disadvantage here is that until this is rendered you have to search or manually check ways to see what has still to be done. Also it is unspecific, unless notes are attached.
4) Drawing a line with segments around your mapped area. The disadvantage being that your area may not be the same as someone else’s area, so confusion

There seem like two options to me that incorporate the advantages of these methods. Ideally it would be possible for both.

  • 1) In the editing programs such as JOSM, additional to nodes/segments/and ways it is made possible to add symbols that are used to visually show these 'stubs'.
  • 2) A tag is created which renders as a symbol. So just something like stub=yes..(suggest better).


  • 1 and 2) In adding a symbol in the editing program it automatically creates a node, but just renders in the symbol real time. If possible other node tags could work like this so they don't just appear the same as untagged nodes.


I was also wondering about the advantages of being able to quickly view these or add to these online. If they can be overlaid on the slippy maps online and turned on and off when people choose then this could be very advantages. In the future I think there will be a lot of people that look at the maps, spot that there road isn’t there and just ignore it. If they could quickly add a symbol in the same way as requesting an article, then a mapper with gps could head out there. With out this they may never have known what roads they were missing, unless they were referencing some other maps which is controversial.

Here's some basic examples of what a symbol could look like. Just a simple indication that the way is a 'stub'.


Anyway, I'm done. Please discuss Ben. 00:59 22nd January 2007 (UTC)


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