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in case of emergency assemble at the muster point.
Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: jstein
Tagging: amenity=muster_point/...
Applies to: nodearea
Definition: in case of emergency assemble at the muster point. It can be found at airports, industry, large buildings...
Drafted on: 2010-02-06

Dont mix up with this meeting point

This meeting point is to meet arriving passengers...

Most people misunderstand the emergency assemble sign (the green one above). They think that it is a sign for a meeting point and use it this way. --EvanE

On the other side the sign itself is to detailed, to be recognized in smaller versions necessary in map displaying. So we might need a simpler version of it. This might be a green square with four arrows, one from each corner. It might have a dot in the middle to emphasize the point in assemble point. The arrows (and dot) might be white, black, yellow or red, the later two if you want to emphasize the emergency meaning of the sign. --EvanE

But both are not my main point.

  • the (emergency-)assemble-point is a special case of the more general meeting-point. We should include this in this proposal. --EvanE
  • the emergency-assemble-point is the third case of an emergency point. The other two being the already established emergency_phone and emergency_access_point. We should think how to incorporate these three emergency-points into one consistent tagging scheme. --EvanE



Never heared of a thing called "fire muster point", well I'm not a native Speaker.

Anyway let me give a few remarks:

  • The symbol you propose looks pretty much like a generic meeting point. I would prefer the simpler version with just a dot in the middle, which scale easier to smaller size. --EvanE
    • AFAIR the green one with four heads is used regularly as emergency "Sammelpunkt" in Germany. The dot with the four arrows I remember to have seen on large train stations etc. Therefore is it for emergency the green one is it a normal one in crowded areas the dot style.
      • This might be true, anyway nearly nobody knows the difference. For most people (me included until now) this is just a sign for a meeting point. --EvanE

  • I would prefer a general amenity=meeting_point accompanied by emergency=yes for the case of an emergency meeting point. If you stick on the emergency cases amenity=emergency_meeting_point sounds much better for me. --EvanE

Useful combinations

  • name=*
    On facilities which span large areas like airports and other large building complexes their are most probably several meeting points (which kind ever). These will most probably have names to distinguish each from the others. So a tag name=* might be useful if applicable. The name usualy are short, a few letters or numbers, to be remenbered easyly. So this will not clutter the map with long names. --EvanE
  • operator=*
    Indicating which organisation is responsible managing emergency situation might be useful --EvanE


I suppose, that most non-british people don't understand the term muster_point (as I did). Terms like assemble_point or emergency_assemble can be easier understood by more people. --EvanE

  • There are more emergency situation than only fire, which causes people to evade a facility (fire, chemical hazard, radioactivity, ...). --EvanE
    • good point. But i have never seen that there were different meeting points for different cases. --Jstein 20:13, 6 February 2010 (UTC)
      • This was a point against the word fire. You have changed it in the meantime to emergency. Now I'm fine. --EvanE

Emergency Assembly Point

Is it a good idea, to collect all emergency stuff together to emergency=assemble_point, phone, exit,... --Jstein 02:16, 18 February 2010 (UTC)

Yes, I agree, it's not an amenity, but any place selected by authorities for emergency assemble followed by evacuation. In earthquake and tsunami affected countries signage is already a practice for disaster prevention, so this proposal is good to support humanitarian tagging.--Federico Explorador 19:51, 30 May 2012 (BST) - so the name of the proposal should be updated.

I would name it emergency=assemble_point or emergency=meeting_point. I don't think it is an amenity, neither I had understand the word "muster point", if I hadn't looked it up. --HostedDinner 22:42, 27 September 2012 (BST)

Emergency Assembly Point

I think emergency=assembly_point is the best solution. It seems to be commonly used and you can also find several signs. --AndiG88 (talk) 01:10, 8 June 2014 (UTC)