Proposed features/Railway crossing safety level

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Railway crossing safety level
Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: Shadowriver
Tagging: crossing_safety=*
Applies to: node
Definition: To define safety of rail crossing
Rendered as: Locally used crossing sign
Drafted on: 2010-02-09
RFC start: *
Vote start: *
Vote end: *

This is propose of adding feature defining safety level of rail crossing

Possible usage

Lot of countries got different warning sighs about incoming crossing depending on safety level of rail crossing, for example in Poland crossing with lift gates (or any other barrier) got fence symbol in sigh (Image:Znak_A-9.svg), without lift gates, locomotive symbol( it would useful for map rendering software (Example: some bike maps use road sighs for crossing) to define type/safety level of rail crossings.

Crossing safety levels

Value will have abstractive meaning, it means crossing need to have specific safety element to be in that level, if it has it, the rest is meaningless.

Proposed 4 levels of crossing safety level

Since this fits as addition to both railway=crossing and railway=level_crossing i propose to use different tag

Combinations with other tags

Why not just use barrier tag on road?

Some people might think that putting barrier = * on road near crossing might be more proper, but then rendering software might have problem to define he safety specific crossing, for example barrier will be far away from rails.

Other use

This feature can be used in other type of crossings that use barriers and signals, like moving bridges etc.


It's early draft propose, there's still lot to decide, so let's discuss about it at Talk:Proposed features/Railway crossing safety level