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Remotely controlled devices
Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: Fanfouer
Tagging: remotely_controllable=*
Applies to: node way area relation
Definition: Indicated in which way any devices or equipment can be remotely operated
Rendered as: No rendering is needed for such a logical data
Drafted on: 2014-06-30
RFC start: 2014-07-02


From traffic controllers to utilities networks or probing stations, many equipments can be operated from remote locations like operation centres.
Let's introduce a new remotely_controllable=* tag to describe the way those equipments are linked to their operator (e.g. radio, telephone, infrared, ...).
There's no point to describe the whole link and from where devices are operated, just how devices can be reached, which often result in visible stuff in their direct environment.

Only physical things matter here. There is no point to describe which high level protocols or appliances may be used to operate devices.
Remote control includes command (remote action and state modification on devices) and... control (passive information acquisition).


A simple key with a few values, no sub-namespaces.

Possible values are given below with an example picture.

Value Photo Note
Remotely controllable traffic light controller, France
A dedicated analog radio link (often PMR) used to operate devices remotely.
gsm, edge, umts x Sometimes devices can use public mobile digital access networks with several different technologies to be reachable.
PSTN link to remotely operate a French minor distribution substation
Analog public copper lines are used to operate devices with vocal frequencies, DTMF ...
optical_fibre x High transfer rates (remote video for instance) may need optical fibre.
as-i x An AS-i link used for process automation
1-wire x A 1-Wire link used for process automation
profibus x A Profibus link used for process automation
arcnet x An ARCnet link used for process automation
modus_plus x A Modbus Plus link used for process automation
rs232 x A RS232 link used for process automation
can x A CAN link used for process automation
infrared x Infra red links can be used for remote control with short distances.
any value x Any other value mappers think useful.
yes x Sometimes contributors know the devices can be remotely controlled but they don't know how.
A simple postal box
When we know the device can't be remotely controlled.

Security levels and backup links

Sometimes, backup links are installed for safety reasons, resulting in two or more possibilities to operate the equipments.
Multiple values should be used with this tag and the first one should give the main control medium if known.

Features/Pages affected

If approved, this proposal would impact:

Tools/Renderers affected

I think no render is needed on the standard mapnik style. ITOWorld will be noticed of this value if approved.


Comments are welcome on the Talk page :)


The voting process has not started yet.