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Active OSM mapper since December 2012. I'm mainly interested by power and water facilities and map them in OSM.

Projet du mois : les postes électriques

Wiki and documentation editing

Don't miss the discussion page for each of them, many details are still missing from final consensus.

Underlying infrastructure

Street cabinet friendship.jpg

Infrastructure which is supporting any kind of transport or distribution network. I want to provide a consistent and usable tagging scheme to document them.

  • Symbol support vote.svg Street cabinets proposal for technical cabinets (too small to allow a technician to work inside) mapping along streets but anywhere else as well.
  • Icon-pencil.png Insulation proposal as to map how buildings, pipelines or cables are protected from surrounding environment.
  • Icon-pencil.png Remotely controlled devices proposal describes some ways to remotely control many devices
  • Symbol support vote.svg Location transitions proposal improves nodes description when a way feature goes underground or undersea
  • Icon-pencil.png Lines clamps proposal improve how power, telecom or even washing lines are bound to their supports without using tower:type=*.

Power infrastructure

Power 400kv dual coupling circuitbreaker.jpg

Thanks to legacy owners' agreement, I'm conducing now few power model refinement proposals & RFCs to voting.
Building and completion in progress, feel free to get involved!

Water networks

Pipeline penstocks.jpg

Telecom networks

Telecom cable copper fibre.jpg