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Vincent Privat
osm traces carte
Pays France
Région Midi-Pyrénées
Département Haute-Garonne
Ville Toulouse
Je me localise avec un GPS I-gotU GT-800 Pro.
J’édite avec JOSM.

My name's Vincent, I live in Toulouse, France, where I work as an aeronautics engineer. I'm contributing to OpenStreetMap as Don-vip since 2010. I'm mainly contributing to OSM as a JOSM core developer. I am also interested in several domains, including French Open Data, Public Transport, Electrical power and Aerial Imagery. I also contribute to Wikimedia Commons, see  Don-vip (fr).


My plugins

Subversion Logo Don-vip commits code to OpenStreetMap SVN under the name donvip.

Public transport

Electrical power

French EPCIs


Francestubmap.png This user comes from France.
JOSM Don-vip submits data to OpenStreetMap using JOSM.