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Tag2Link icon Tag2Link
opens links to web pages according to the content of tags
A contextual menu with two tag2link items

The Tag2Link plugin opens web pages according to the content of external reference tags such as wikipedia=*, website=* and much more...

Some tags contain values that, with a template, give a url pointing to a web page providing information about the object. For example, the tag wikipedia=* contains the name of the page allowing to make a link to that page.

Tag2Link detect, on a selected object, if it contains such tags, and is so, build, from templates, the link to pages.

How to use Tag2Link

In the right boxes, right click on an object (node, way or relation) having a linkable tag. You get a contextual menu with items according to the linkable tags and the templates. For a tag, you can have several links proposed.

Select the link. It will be open in your browser.

Available tags

Name Tag key Country description url
Wikidata wikidata=* all opens the Wikidata item.
Wikipedia wikipedia=* all opens the Wikipedia articles.
The wikipedia:lg=* are treated according to the language given.
URL url=* all opens the raw url in your browser.
Website website=*, contact:website=* all opens the website
Email email=*, contact:email=* all opens the email address in your email program.
Unesco Word Heritage ref:whc=* all opens the Unesco page of World Heritage*
Image image=* all if tagged as url opens it in your browser, or if tagged with the File: schema, opens the wikimedia commons page
Mapillary mapillary=*, ref:mapillary=*, source:mapillary=* all opens the Mapillary image in your browser.*
Sandre ref:sandre=* FR Opens the Sandre sheet for a river according to its ref*
INSEE ref:INSEE=* FR Opens the INSEE sheet for French communes
Mérimée ref:mhs=* FR Opens the sheet in the French Mérimée database of heritage.
Mérimée ref:INSEE=* FR Opens the Mérimée list for the given French commune.
Warning: this list may be empty if no monument is in the Mérimée database.
CEF ref:FR:CEF=* FR Opens the church page on the messesinfo website.
CEF for Conférence des Évêques de France.
IGN ref=* + source=©IGN * FR Opens the Geodesic PDF sheet for the given site=geodesic or man_made=survey_point.
MemorialGenWeb ref:FR:MemorialGenWeb=* FR Open the MemorialGenWeb sheet according to its ref.*
Éducation Nationale ref:UAI=* FR Opens the UAI sheet for the given amenity=school.

See source code for full up to date list of supported tags.

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