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Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: breno-au
Draft started: 2018-10-18
RFC start: 2018-10-24


A research station is an amenity that is built for the purpose of conducting scientific research. Research stations are often located in remote areas of the world, such as in the polar regions or oceans. Due to their remote nature they are usually self-sufficient campuses, generating their power requirements from non-grid sources and having food supplies for long seasons. The stations are staffed by both research scientists and operational staff who live and work on base 24/7.


An existing tag Tag:amenity=research_institute would imply an educational campus generally beyond the secondary school level, devoted to instruction in technical subjects, so does not suit the needs of a research station due to their remoteness and general inaccessibility to students.

Also Tag:place=hamlet is probably more concise but does not reflect that a research station is lived in and operated by employees. The general public cannot move there to purchase a property.



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Most Antarctic research stations are currently tagged as Tag:place=hamlet, so would need to be reviewed.

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