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Proposal status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: grungelborz
Tagging: shadiness=0-100
Applies to: node, way, area
Definition: a proposal to describe how much shadow there is

Rendered as: *
Drafted on: 2013-08-4
RFC start: not_yet
Vote start: not_yet
Vote end: not_yet


The reasoning is similar as for shade=*: On a hot day one prefers parking lots, beaches or ways that provide at least some shadow. On cold days features with less shadow is prefered.

The kind of shadow is not that important, it is more important to now how much shadow there is. Thus it seems more appropriate to tell just the amount of shadow.


The value of the key tells how much percent in natural shadow there is. I.e. it is the shadow averaged over daytime, summer/winter, and area. Shadow during sunset/sunrise is not considered.

Typically rough approximations should be used. I.e. 10 for little shadow, 90 for very little shadow.

Use cases

A application that allows to search for parking lots with shadow. A routing application for cyclists could tell how much sun there is on a certain route.



Tag values

Key Value Element Comment Rendering Photo
shadiness 0 nodewayarea No shadow at all.
shadiness 100 nodewayarea Complete shadow

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