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Icons für Statustabellen


Icon: Auto mit +-Zeichen

Parkplätze, Tankstellen, max-speed?

Mögliche Map-Features


Tag for distinctive marks in a landscape that can be used to find certain locations. Applies to nodes only. The tag should be used for landmarks that can be seen at least from 1 km distance and that are unique among similar objects in the area. The tag should contain a textual description that allows the identification of the landmark from the distance. E.g. landmark_description="White tower with black pyramidal roof" (add picture). The tags can be used to give the user of a navigation system a hint how to find the target. E.g. "the target is 50m away from landmark 'xxx' - a white tower with black pyramidal roof". The tags 'name' and 'height' can be used in addition. The tag 'description' is not suited for this purpose as it describes general properties and not the appearance from the distance. Further it does not mark the object as landmark.


A special value for the 'note' tag - similar to the existing 'FIXME' value. It can be anywhere in the string of the note. The tag should be used if there exist accurate GPS-traces at the location that can be used to re-position the arial images. Typially these GPS-traces should redraw features that are easily visible in the arial images, e.g. roundabouts. It allows people who do not have their own GPS-traces to draw e.g. buildings at exact locations using the yahoo images. It is useful for areas where the arial images are poorly calibrated.


Special value for the name tag to indicate that the street does not have a name.


New tag to describe which traffic signs apply to a way. The data is to be treated as additional annotation and can e.g. be used by a validator to verify that the other tags (e.g. access) are correct. Also helps to indicate why a cycleway was marked as cycleway. The value of the tag is a semicolon separated list of signs. The list might include: official sign numbers, official sign names, informal sign names, special values for non-traffic signs.