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Simple sports hall (building) for school and club sports
Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: segatus
Tagging: building=sports_hall
Applies to: area
Definition: sports hall (building) for school and club sports
Drafted on: 2013-05-27


This is a proposal for tagging sports halls. These halls are usually used for school sports, but also for university and club sports. Often they have a part with a roof in normal height, where the changing and washing rooms are located, and a part with a high roof, for ball sports and gymnastics.


Currently, many of these halls are tagged as building=yes, leisure=sports_centre. The definition of a sports_centre is: "A sports centre is a distinct facility where a range of sports take place within an enclosed area. Facilities within a sports centre may include swimming pools, spa, solarium, sauna and/or steam room, sports hall, squash courts, fitness suite, aerobics studios outdoor grass and/or artificial pitches for football (soccer), hockey etc and also any associated cafeteria, bars and other facilities."

But the sports hall which I am talking about, is only part of a sports_centre, is a facility inside a sports centre, mentioned in the definition.

Proposed Tagging

Applies to areas.

Required tagging



Tagging in use prior to the proposal

The following tagging structures have been identified:

  • building=yes
  • leisure=sports_centre