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Stable for horses
Status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: imagic
Tagging: buidling=stable
Applies to: nodearea
Definition: A building or part of a building that is used as a stable
Drafted on: 2008-11-04
RFC start: 2012-09-12

This tag was defacto-approved after a discussion on the tagging mailing list in Oct 2012. For further details see the article of this key.

Note: this proposal was created on 2008-11-04 by MapperOG and adopted on 2012-09-12 by Imagic.

The tag building=stable can be used to tag a building as a stable for horses.



If a building as whole represents a stable, first map the building as usual and tag it with building=stable or alternatively as building=* with a different value and the tag building:use=stable.

If only part of a building is used as a stable, first map the building but use the tag building=yes (or whatever value is most appropriate), then map the area of the stable within the building as a polygon and add building:use=stable to it.


Tags Description
areabuilding=stable A building that is solely used as stable for horses.

and another polygon

A stable for horses that is only part of a larger building.


Please use the Discussion page for this.

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