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Proposal status: Inactive (inactive)
Proposed by: Ibex
Tagging: park_ride=hov
Applies to: node,area
Definition: A parking to leave a vehicle when joining a car- or vanpool

Draft started: 2018-07-08
RFC start: 2019-01-09


Parkings where people forming a carpool can meet and riders may park their car/motor_cycle/bike, called "carpool parking" hereafter. I propose to extend the values for tag park_ride by 'hov' (high occupancy vehicle) to tag such parkings.


Carpool parkings are currently tagged very differently. A specific value would allow to render such parkings with a proper symbol and use them as meeting points in intermodal trip planners. In contrast to using a different tag like carpool, carpool_parking or amenity=car_pool, the proposed tagging would fit well in the semantics of the park_ride tag: leaving a car to ride a different transport mode.

Tags like carpool=yes, carpool=designated, hov=yes, hov=designated IMHO should be used, where (already formed) carpools/hovs are allowed or required, like workplace parkings reserved for high occupancy vehicles with 2+ passengers.


In Germany, there exist some hundred carpool parkings, e.g. about 100 in Baden-Wuerttemberg.

They are currently tagged very differently, e.g.

  • amenity=parking, park_ride=no
  • amenity=parking, park_ride=yes
  • amenity=parking, park_ride=yes, carpool_parking=yes
  • amenity=parking, park_ride=no, park_pool=yes
  • amenity=parking, carpool=yes

In other parts of the world, in about ~120 cases, the tagging scheme amenity=car_pool, sometimes in combination with park_ride=yes, is used. Especially in France and the BeNeLux, parking=carpool is used often.


I suggest to add "hov" as new mode to the existing park_ride tag. Tags like carpool, carpool_parking or amenity=car_pool would become deprecated.

Applies to

Nodes and areas with amenity=parking.


Carpool parkings are ususally indicated by dedicated sign, e.g. a sign "P+M" (Zeichen_316-50) in Germany.

Or in France, often a car with a driver and passengers is used.

Features/Pages affected

What keys/tags and Wiki pages might this proposal affect if approved? ('hov' should be added as value for tag park_ride, same for the localized pages) (proposed tag, IMHO should only be used for explicitly signed pick up places, not for parkings)

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