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Hot lanes

Any thoughts on how we should tag HOT lanes (ie ones which are open to vehicles with over X people in them and also non-qualifying vehicles that pay a fee? See wikipedia:High occupancy/toll and express toll lanes for more information on the concept. PeterIto (talk) 20:23, 26 June 2013 (UTC)

Parking for carpool

How should one map parking designated for carpool? A suggestion on French talk-fr mailing list is to use the following:

Any thoughts?

as said on [talk-fr], access=hov doesn't make sense as it would mean reserved for people with 2+ occupants, it would be like tagging a park&ride parking for a metro with access=metro. And probably, you don't park your metro to take a metro ;-).
Usual values for access for a parking is: yes; customers; permissive; private. So if only people using carpool can park here:
* access=customers
If no check is done:
* access=permissive
I originally preferred to use park_ride=carpool, but I admit that 'hov' is more generic as it subsumes e.g. vanpools as well.
However, I'm not sure, if such a parking should be tagged hov=designated, as one usually enters such a parking as single-occupant-vehicle(?)
I drafted a proposal for park_ride=hov. Ibex (talk), 20:46, July 2018(UTC)


Would hov:lanes:backward:conditional=designated|yes|yes @ (Mo-Fr 06:00-10:00) be the correct way to say that in the backward direction the left lane (out of 3 lanes) is a hov lane during that time? Together with hov:minimum=3. Aharvey (talk) 10:06, 27 September 2019 (UTC)