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Status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: SelfishSeahorse
Tagging: natural=peninsula
Applies to: node area
Definition: a piece of land projecting into water from a larger land mass and being nearly surrounded by water
Drafted on: 2018-12-26
RFC start: 2018-12-26


Shimabara Peninsula, Japan

The tag natural=peninsula is used to tag a named peninsula (from Latin paeninsula, from paene 'almost' + insula 'island'): a piece of land projecting into water from a larger land mass and being nearly surrounded by water.

natural=peninsula is not intended for tagging coastal areas or coastal strips. Therefore it should not be used if the length of the non-water part of the boundary is larger than three halves of the square root of its area. (This is about equivalent to an equilateral triangle shaped peninsula connected at one of its sides.)


Set a node node in the center of the peninsula or draw an area area encompassing the peninsula and add natural=peninsula + name=*.

While it is possible to verify the existence of a peninsula, the peninsula usually can't be clearly delimited at the side where it is connected to the larger land mass. When mapping a peninsula as a multipolygon it is therefore recommended to draw the connection as a straight line and tag it indefinite=yes.

Please do not map very large peninsulas like subcontinents as multipolygons as they strain the servers much and are hard to maintain. (Relation#Size recommends a maximum number of 300 members in a relation.)


There is currently no approved tag for peninsulas.

natural=peninsula has already been proposed in 2008 (see Proposed features/peninsula), but has been rejected with the suggestion to use a place=* key instead. Therefore this new proposal initially suggested place=peninsula. However the RFC discussion showed that natural=peninsula is preferred because a natural=* key fits better.

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Difference between natural=peninsula and natural=cape

The tag natural=cape refers to a coastal extreme point, such as the tip of a land area that projects into water. In contrast, natural=peninsula refers to the land area that projects into water.

Note that 'cape' sometimes refers to a coastal extreme point, i.e. natural=cape, (e.g. Cape York) and sometimes to a peninsula, i.e. natural=peninsula (e.g. Cape Cod).


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