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Tidal path
Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: Lulu-Ann
Tagging: highway=tidal_path
Applies to:
Definition: A virtual route in tidally flooded sea (DE:Wattwanderweg)

Draft started: 2011-11-22


Currently hiking routes in the northers sea that are only passable during low tide are tagged "path".

Why shall this not stay a path:

  • As there is no real path existing, the recommended route shall be rendered differently.
  • This kind of route can not be used without knowledge (and for many persons: without equipment / preparation /guidance)
  • This kind of route can not be used at any time of the day without danger for life.
  • These routes shall not be recommended by any routing engine that does not give a warning for the special preparation needed to pass this dangerous area.

Proposed tagging

usefull combinations

  • website
  • surface|mud
  • name
  • node: highway=emergency access point (for rescue poles with baskets DE:Rettungsbake)

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On 02/08/2022, after more than 11 years since the beginning of the draft, this tag does not appear in the OSM database (according to taginfo)