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Torrent control structures
Status: Canceled (inactive)
Proposed by: Hedaja
Tagging: waterway=check_dam; beam_dam
Applies to: node node; way way
Definition: buildings used to control torrents

Rendered as: like barrier=wall or waterway=weir
Drafted on: 2013-09-06
RFC start: 2013-09-13


There has been a discussion in the german OSM forum about torrent control structures in Austria (and other countries). We want to introduce two new tags for these torrent control structures: check_dam; beam_dam.


Wildbachverbauung A check dam is a drop structure to lower the speed of water flow. Unlike a waterway=weir a check dam isn't built to dam up water or diverte it into a channel.


Murbrecher near Grüneggalm Is a structure to hold back debris and trunks and to control the water flow.

How to Map

ElementWay.png These structures can be drawn as nodes directly on the stream or as ways crossing the stream. It is possible to add tags like height=*


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