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Unifying playground equipment tagging
Proposal status: Canceled (inactive)
Proposed by: Valor Naram
Tagging: playground:*=yes
Applies to: key
Definition: Deprecating Key:playground and using Key:playground: instead for simplified tagging of playground equipment

Rendered as: node, way, area
Draft started: 2020-03-30
RFC start: 2020-03-30

Proposal & Rationale

I want to map playground equipment on the playground objects (Node/Way of the playground itself) or on separate objects for them. A scheme for this exists already. See Key:playground (for tagging playground equipment as separate objects rather than on the playground object itself) and Key:playground:* (for tagging playground equipment on the playground object itself rather than as separate objects). I just want to simplify tagging here.

I saw many playgrounds not tagged properly. Run the overpass query on a bigger region with many playgrounds (e.g. Germany) and you will see that many mappers tagged playground equipment on the playground objects by using the key playground which is normally used to tag the playground equipment itself as a separate object in OSM and not on the playground object.

That's why I propose the key playground to be deprecated and the use of key playground:* instead. That would mean that on both playground and playground equipment objects in OSM the key playground:* applies. This then would also allow to map playgrounds and their equipment in situations where a playground just has one equipment and this equipment fills up the whole area of the playground: See this example.

By the way I hope also that this proposal gets more people to actually read the wiki because the tagging of playground equipment is catastrophic. I hope this proposal then helps to improve the tagging of playground equipment.


Special case: Playground just has one equipment and this equipment fills up the whole area of the playground

Not wiki conform:


After the success of this proposal

Playgrounds with playground equipment tagged directly on the playground object:


Playground equipment tagged as separate objects:


Applies to

For playground equipment tagged on the playground object itself: Inherits from the spec for mapping playgrounds

For playground equipment tagged as separate object: Inherits from the spec for Key:playground


Features/Pages affected

Key:playground - Deprecating it.

Key:playground:* - Changes to the spec to reflect this proposal. This key should the be used for playground equipment tagged as separate objects or on the playground object.

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