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Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: Diego.guidotti
Tagging: man_made=winery
Applies to: node area
Definition: A building or a property producing wine
Drafted on: 2010-10-06
RFC start: *
Vote start: *
Vote end: *


The general idea is to correctly identify places producing wines from places only selling wines. At the moment wineries have been tagged using shop=wine, shop=winery, shop=wine_cellar, tourism=winery.

Related tags

Tag:shop=beverages Place selling beverages

Tag:landuse=vineyard Grapevine fields

Other adopted (non-official) tags:

  • shop=wine (286)
  • shop=winery (73)
  • shop=vineyard (5)
  • amenity=winery (68)
  • attraction=winery (11)
  • bar=wine_bar (1)
  • content=wine (10)
  • alcohol=wine (10)
  • winery=yes (4)
  • drink=wine (2)
  • wine=yes (1)
  • tourism=wine_cellar (1)
  • landuse=winery (1)
  • landuse=vineyards (1)
  • landuse=vinyard (2)
  • crop=wine_grapes (2304)
  • industrial=winery (1)
  • amenity=wine_bar (2)
  • amenity=winebar (3)
  • amenity=wine_cellar (1)

On the standard Garmin map render it's listed under code 0x2c0a, in the category of "Attractions" as a 'Winery'.


There isn't an official tag for winery. Usually a winery can be made of two parts, the production site and the shop. Our idea is to create two tags for better describing this situation.


  • A winery in the city only selling wine:
  • A very big winery producing wine in a building and selling it in a separate one (for example Ferrari or Rotari):


Tag Description Notes Photo
shop=wine A place where you can buy wine or derived products It can be combined with other tags in this proposal
man_made=winery A place where wine and derived products are produced It can be combined with other tags in this proposal


Specifies the products the winery sells / produces It can be combined with shop=wine and man_made=winery


We are working on it