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Good idea

A good proposal. Let's do it. This has been needed for a long time. What's the holdup? It was started in October.

It should be rendered with a wine glass. I've used amenity=winery, but I'm OK using shop=wine.

Looks good in general, but there are a few issues you'll have to fix first. Champagne is exclusively made in the French Champagne area, Spumante is a term which is typically used for Italian sparkling wines (Prosecco). Next our Spanish friends will complain that Cava is not listed... My proposal is to use "sparkling" as a general value for all sparkling wines (I know, there are wines which are just a little bit sparkling..). Same can be said about Grappa. It's just one of many variants of spirits made from grapes: Cognac, Pinot de Charentes, Retsina, ... I guess "spirits" would cover that. Finally, there are fortified wines like Port, Sherry, Madeira, and maybe a few more. The question then becomes how many types of wine should be tagged? Rendering: consider a bunch of grapes with a wine leaf or a wine bottle combined with a wineglass. If you look around on the web there are lots of examples to draw inspiration from. Gilbert54 11:01, 18 February 2013 (UTC)


Hi, I would prefer to recycle shop=alcohol together with a alcohol=wine to indicate shops dedicated to sell only wines. --!i! This user is member of the wiki team of OSM 07:16, 22 March 2011 (UTC)

Compare shop=alcohol and shop=beverages. I don't think the former would be appropriate here. I have used the latter for a winery that sells its own products. --T99 20:39, 10 July 2011 (BST)

Winery tag necessary

It is not only a shop, but also the place where the winemaker works and meets the customers. In a winery, you usually meet the producers or their family. --GMason 07 Oct 2011

True, simple wine customers wants to go buying wine in a shop=wine . Turists, and wine experts prefer going in a man_made=winery . This is a realy need tag, as some of us live in hudge winery country's ! --Guiguid 10 May 2012


I suggest to use craft=winery instead of man_made=winery because the product is man made but the place where the wine is made is a craftsman working place

estate winery

Hello, I would prefer landuse=estate_winery for a company which produce and bottle wine. If a company producing only wine, it´s for me a winery. Can you buy wine bottles or other alcohol products, I would prefer shop=alcohol and a precise description with shop:product=wine;sparkling_wine;liqueur;schnapps;*. --Martin minheim (talk) 16:47, 22 September 2014 (UTC)