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Shop selling wine Edit or translate this description.
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A wine shop. Wine shops tend to sell a large range of wines, usually including or even exclusively high-quality wines. Wine shops are also known as vinothek or enoteca.

shop=alcohol alternative

shop=alcohol is the tag for a shop selling alcoholic drinks to takeaway. This would include wine shops. A shop=alcohol tag could be used in conjunction with drink=* (drink:wine=yes) or alcohol=wine to indicate a wine shop. This may be a better alternative than using shop=wine as a different top level tag.

other similar tags

  • See also shop=deli - "A shop selling delicatessen (fine foods), e.g. cure meat, expensive cheese and sausages, caviar, or luxury confectionery. May also sell fine wine".
  • See also drink=* - For marking availability of special beverages.
  • See also craft=winery - a winery: a building or property that produces wine