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Status: Proposals with undefined or invalid status (inactive)
Proposed by: Dinamik
Tagging: addr:place=*
Applies to:
Definition: part of address, which is not related to street, but to some territorial zone, linear object, node or some abstract object
Drafted on: 2011-07-25
RFC start: 2011-07-25


Sometimes, addresses don't contain name of some street. Some addresses are made by principe "<name of some territory>, <number of house>". It can be name of village, islands, territorial zone or any other object (sometimes, there is no existing object with some name). If we use another tag (not addr:street) for such addresses, it will be better for understanding and for software. If we see something in addr:street, we think, that street with such name exists, but it can be not a true. Software shows error like "there is a building, there is a name of street, but there is no such street on the OSM, please add this street to map". If we see nothing in addr:street, we can't understand, is it mistake of editor (he forgot to write addr:street) or is it building, which have number, which belongs to all village or some another polygonal object.


  • Russia, Leningradskaya Oblast, Viborgsky District, village Veshevo[1], number 1 (Russian: Россия, Ленинградская область, Выборгский район, деревня Вещево, номер 1)
  • Russia, Saint Petersburg, village Novaya[2], number 7 (Russian: Россия, Санкт-Петербург, Новая Деревня, номер 7)
  • Russia, Saint Petersburg, Elagin Island[3], number 10 (Russian: Россия, Санкт-Петербург, Елагин остров, номер 10)
  • Russia, Saint Petersburg, Galerny Island[4], number 12 (Russian: Россия, Санкт-Петербург, Галерный Остров, номер 12)
  • Russia, Leningradskaya Oblast, Viborgsky District, village Roshino, gardening Viktoria[5], number 2 (Russian: Россия, Ленинградская область, Выборгский район, деревня Рощино, садоводство "Виктория", номер 2)
  • Russia, Leningradskaya Oblast, Vsevolozhsky District, gardening area Dunay, gardening Zdorovye[6] (Russian: Россия, Ленинградская область, Всеволожский район, садоводческий массив Дунай, садоводство Здоровье, номер 3)
  • Russia, city Saint Petersburg, town Kolpino, Left Bank of River Izhora[7], number 4 (Russian: Россия, город Санкт-Петербург, город Колпино, Левый берег реки Ижоры, 4)
  • Russia, city Saint Petersburg, village Strelna, Bolnichnaya Mointain[8], number 3 (Russian: Россия, город Санкт-Петербург, посёлок Стрельна, Больничная горка, 3)
  • Russia, Leningradskaya Oblast, Boksitogorsky District, village Efimovsky, microdistrict 1[9], number 5 (Russian: Россия, Ленинградская область, Бокситогорский район, посёлок Ефимовский, микрорайон 1, дом 5)
  • Russia, city Saint Petersburg, town Pushkin, Pavilion of Uritsky[10], number 6 (Russian: Россия, город Санкт-Петербург, город Пушкин, Павильон Урицкого, номер 6)


Use addr:place instead of addr:street for such building, whose numbers belong not to street, but to some other object.

  • addr:place=Veshevo + addr:housenumber=1 at house (also you can use addr:city=Veshevo at house simultaneously with addr:place, not instead of addr:place) and name=Veshevo + place=village at polygon and node, related to village
  • addr:place=village Novaya + addr:housenumber=7
  • addr:place=Elagin Island + addr:housenumber=10
  • addr:place=Galerny Island + addr:housenumber=12
  • addr:place=gardening Viktoria + addr:housenumber=2
  • addr:place=gardening Zdorovye + addr:housenumber=3
  • addr:place=Left Bank of River Izhora + addr:housenumber=4
  • addr:place=Bolnichnaya Mointain + addr:housenumber=3
  • addr:place=microdistrict 1 + addr:housenumber=5
  • addr:place=Pavilion of Uritsky + addr:housenumber=6

If number of house belongs to some existing object, we can create a relation and include to it houses with role house and object with role object.


  1. Veshevo - existing village
  2. Novaya - village, which existed some time ago, now it is part of address of some buildings in Saint Petersburg
  3. Elagin Island - existing island
  4. Galerny Island - island, which existed some time ago, now it is part of address of some buildings in Saint Petersburg
  5. gardening Viktoria - existing gardening in village Roshino
  6. Zdorovye, number 3 - existing gardening in gardening area Dunay in Vzevolozhsky District
  7. Left Bank of River Izhora - part of address of some buildings, located near river Izhora in Kolpino
  8. Bolnichnaya Mointain - part of address of some buildings
  9. microdistrict 1 - part (quarter) of village Efimovsky
  10. Pavilion of Uritskogo - part of address of some building in Pushkin