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Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: sicking
Tagging: airport=major, minor, landingfield
Applies to: type
Definition: *

Rendered as: rendered by default
Draft started:
Proposed on: 2008-11-01
RFC start: ???

!!! This is my first proposal, i am not a native speaker, so feel free to edit!!!!


Like highways there are severals sizes of airports. Like in Highway (primary, secondary, tertiary) there should be made a differenc by size (airport = major, minor, landingfield) as on highways thers are different types of vehicles (highway = foot, bicycle, car motorcycle, or even horse), on airports there are airliners, (smaller) propeller planes, gliders, helicopters, and even rc model planes. Now every Airport / Airdrome /Landingfield is rendered the same way. I think it makes a difference, whether we have major Airports like Frankfurt International or some smaller glider landingfield The tag should be tagged with the node airway= aerodrome with

  • Airport
  1. = major (for international Airports like Frankfurt or London Heathrow e.a.)
  2. = minor (for smaller Airports) in Germany they are call Regionalflughafen (regional airports)
  3. = landingfield (for smaller airports with no or few scheduled flights
  4. = airstrip (as the lowest class of a landing place, sometimes only bush pilots know where they are.)

For airports there could additional be the tags:

  1. airliner = yes/no for jet_airliners and bigger propeller-driven aircraft
  2. propeller = yes/no (for smaller (sport)aircrafts for max.10 people)
  3. glider= yes/no
  4. heli = yes/no
  5. seaplane= yes/no
  6. model= yes/no
  • Because of the aircrafts landing on major Airports symbol should be GCR TRAN AEROM.png
  • Because of the aircrafts landing on minor Airports but less importance symbol should be Airport other.png
  • Symbols for landingfileds (normaly GCR TRAN AEROA.png) should be the symbol belonging to the highest plantyp in the list, if there are landing smaller propeller aircrafts (Tag propeller=yes) AND gliders, symbol should be the one for propeller

As on highways (nobody would expect horse=yes for primary roads) airport could also go without the planetypes, only special landingfields had to be given a tag like seaplane or glider. Otherwise it is suposed to be a landingfield for smaller propeller aircrafts. Major and Minor is suposed to be an airport for airliners.

There has to be made a new symbol for model (rc model flight)


GCR TRAN AEROM.pngAirport other.pngGCR TRAN AEROA.pngGCR TRAN AEROG.pngGCR TRAN AEROH.pngGCR TRAN AEROS.png like in Proposed features/Aerodrome (unified symbol set)


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