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Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: rtbk
Tagging: man_made=*
Applies to: node way area
Definition: A tag for identifying human-made (artificial) structures added to the landscape

Draft started: 2020-10-15
RFC start: 2020-10-21
Vote start: 2020-11-18
Vote end: 2020-12-04


The key artificial=* would replace the key man_made=*. This proposal has been abandoned as there may be a better way to define all tags using the man_made key by going through each use separately. Thanks to all those who contributed to the discussion.


The word 'Man' in the Old English sense 'mann' had the primary meaning of 'adult human' and was adapted for use for an 'adult male human' as well. Today however, it is widely considered that the term 'man' no longer has a dual meaning and solely is the term used for defining an 'adult male human'.

Research has been undertaken (Editing Canadian English, 2000) and confirmed that when people read or hear the generic version of 'man', people form mental pictures of males.[1] Over the past century, government bodies, companies, publishers and academic institutions have made gender-neutral vocabulary a requirement.

The common usage of 'natural' for those objects made by nature brings to mind an antonym which would fully encapsulate objects not created by nature - 'Artificial'.

Artificial is by definition is made or produced by human skill[2] so by replacing the term man_made with artificial it allows for consistency with the 'nature' tagging scheme, and also promotes gender-Inclusive language use.


Tagging until now Tagging with proposed tags
man_made:=beacon artificial=beacon
man_made=breakwater artificial=breakwater
man_made=bridge artificial=bridge
man_made=bunker_silo artifical=bunker_silo
man_made=carpet_hanger artificial=carpet_hanger
man_made=chimney artificial=chimney
man_made=communications_tower artificial=communications_tower
man_made=crane artificial=crane
man_made=cross artificial=cross
man_made=cutline artificial=cutline
man_made=clearcut artificial=clearcut
man_made=dovecote artificial=dovecote
man_made=dyke artificial=dyke
man_made=embankment artificial=embankment
man_made=flagpole artificial=flagpole
man_made=groyne artificial=groyne
man_made=kiln artificial=kiln
man_made=lighthouse artificial=lighthouse
man_made=mast artificial=mast
man_made=minshaft artificial=minsaheft
man_made=monitoring_station artificial=monitoring_station
man_made=obelisk artificial=obelisk
man_made=observatory artificial=observatory
man_made=offshore_platform artificial=offshore_platform
man_made=petroleum_well artificial=petroleum_well
man_made=pier artificial=pier
man_made=pipeline artificial=pipeline
man_made=pumping_station artificiai=pumping_station
man_made=pumping_rig artificial=pumping_rig
man_made=reservoir_covered artificial=reservoir_covered
man_made=silo artificial=silo
man_made=snow_fence artificial=snow_fence
man_made=snow_net artificial=snow_net
man_made=storage_tank artificial=storage_tank
man_made=street_cabinet artificial=street_cabinet
man_made=surveillance artificial=surveillance
man_made=survey_point artificial=survey_point
man_made=telescope artificial=telescope
man_made=tower artificial=tower
man_made=wastewater_plant artificial=wastewater_plant
man_made=water_tap artificial=water_tap
man_made=watermill artificial=watermill
man_made-water_tower artificial=water_tower
man_made=water_works artificial=water_works
man_made=water_well artificial=water_well
man_made=wildlife_crossing artificial=wildlife_crossing
man_made=windmill artificial=windmill
man_made=works artificial=works
man_made=yes artificial=yes
man_made=(user defined) artificial=(user defined)
artificial_snow=yes artificial=snow
artificial_nest=yes artificial=nest
artificial_nest=nest_box artificial=nest_box
artificial_path=yes highway=path
artificial_turf:type=* surface=artificial_turf
artificial_grass:colour=blue surface=artificial_turf


Features/Pages affected


Transition Plan

Phase 1: New tagging scheme introduced beginning 2021-01-01 00:00 UTC+0

Newly mapped man_made/artificial objects should be dual tagged to allow for the transition by programmers and users.

Phase 2: Retagging of existing tags beginning 2021-07-01 00:00 UTC+0

Dual tagging to stop and the gradual change of old tags to begin.

Any validation and correction tools should prompt users to update man_made tags where appropriate.

Phase 3: Full Depreciation of the existing man_made tag 2026-01-01 00:00 UTC+0

Most tags should be retagged by this point.

Remaining tags are to be marked as 'invalid use of tag' in validation and correction tools.

Phase 4: All man_made tags to be removed 2031-01-01 00:00 UTC+0

All man_made tags by this time should be retagged.

There should be no further use of the man_made tag.

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