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Public-images-osm logo.svg man_made = adit
A type of entrance to an underground mine which is horizontal or nearly horizontal. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Man made
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Status: de facto

An  adit is a (nearly) horizontal entrance to the underground, by which resources can be extracted or a mine can be entered, ventilated or drained of water. The visible portal of the adit is mapped as a node.

How to map

Place a node at the entrance point to the adit from the surface, and tag with man_made=adit

Additional tags:

  • name=* - The name of the adit.
  • resource=* - The resource that is or was extracted in the mine. Visit the resources page to view a list of common values.
  • operator=* - The operator of the adit, usually the operator of the surrounding mine.
  • length=* - length of the adit in meters (or other specified unit).
  • direction=* - pointing from the gallery outwards
  • disused=yes - if the adit is not currently in use.


Common symbol for an operating mine: hammer and pick

Common symbol for a disused or abandoned mine: hammer and pick, upside down

See also

and its proposal at Proposed features/Mineshaft