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Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: FK270673
Tagging: access=avoid/preferred
Applies to: way
Definition: Providing a tag for a way where driving is encouraged (preferred) or not recommended (avoid) for obvious reasons
Rendered as: orange dots on way (avoid)
Drafted on: 2010-08-07



This tag provides a recommendation for ways where driving or walking is not explicitly prohibited, but not recommended.

  • motorcar=avoid if a street is too narrow to drive through
  • motorcycle=avoid if a street has too many potholes
  • foot=avoid if a street is too busy
  • access=avoid if going there is explicitly not recommended for obvious reasons, e.g. because these ways are used by aggressive drug dealers.


This tag provides a recommendation for ways where using a deviation is officially encouraged.

  • motorcar=preferred if a deviation has no obstacles
  • motorcycle=preferred if an alternative road has many curves
  • bicycle=preferred if a deviation is a safe cycleway
  • foot=preferred if a deviation is a safe footpath
  • access=preferred if going there is explicitly encouraged by street signs, e.g. because there is a tourist attraction.


There was a dispute whether to use bicycle=no for roads with separate cycleways. Riding a bicycle on busy roads is not prohibited by law in any case, but many people feel uncomfortable to do so.

access=avoid gives an opportunity to designate areas where no official prohibition applies, but common sense recommends not to go there.

access=preferred gives an opportunity to facilitate routing.